quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

I wanna be wrong

If everything is dark
Something has to be light. 
I wish I could write songs 
But I just know how to repeat sounds... 
If I could make the dark be light,
If I could write songs...

If everything is right 
Something has to be wrong. 
I wish I could be wrong
If everyone is right.
It's like being happy 
Between so many sad people
It's like being free 
Between so many stuck people. 

Someday I'll let myself being wrong 
And when this day comes
I will learn to write songs. 
Because just the stuck ones write poetry 
The free ones are wrong 
The free ones can be light 
The wrong ones can be happy 
And I wanna learn how to write songs.

I don't need to be right
I just need to live 
If I could be wrong 
Then, everything will be light.

Those who admit they're wrong 
Can be free 
Those who live to be right 
Can never know what is the true happiness 
Because they don't know what is being human 
What is being true with themselves and with everyone else 
What is making a mistake and then try to fix it 
Or maybe just move on 
The right ones are always stuck
Stuck in their own minds 
Stuck in their own obssession 
With being always right.

If you can never be wrong 
You can never be light 
Or write songs. 

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