segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013

No one else but Me

Just like my shoe
Everything has two sides.
Sometimes even three, who knows?
We can have how many sides we want to.

My shoe is black in the outside, 
but in the inside, it's pink like nothing else but a passionate girl.
It's pink like nothing but a happy day.
It's pink like nothing but a good news.
It's pink like nothing but love.
It's pink like no one else but Me.

It drives me to everywhere 
There are some places I wanna go, but there are some that I want to stay away.
Sometimes I think it always change its colour
The outside is the same, 
but the inside, is different always and forever,
All the time.

Yesterday, it was blue, today is red.
But it's always pink, 
like no one else but Me.

People, I need to study and practice my English, so this is the first poem that I write all by myself in English. It's too childlike for my taste, but it's a way to practice without getting stuck to the plans of the books all the time. I want to use all the tools at my fingertips and as I was out of here for a while, this was my opportunity. :)


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