segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013


It's the end of the day
And you never saw me like this
I'm going away
I'll never going back
I never wanted to live like that.

It's the end of the day
The weekend is far away
I keep rolling with the wind
I keep leaving in this travel bus
I keep going because none of that looks like anything that once meant "we"
The past is far away
So are you.
So are we.
And never again, you going to see me.

It's the end of the day
It's the end of my hope and patience
It's the end of everything what always were important to me.
And I am leaving this town
And I am looking for freedom.
I found the freedom very much far away from here
I never belonged here.

It's the end of the day 
And I'm very far away.
This is the only way.

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