domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

On my 22 birthday

On my twenty two birthday 
When it became midnight 
And it was may 10th 
I was drinking cheap wine 
And thinking about how miserable my life was 
I was thinking about how things were different for worse
And how I needed changes.
Because, no matter how great my life is in certain moments 
Even still 
I'm always craving for a change 
Because I'm an addicted
And I am a human 
And I am never satisfied like all humans.

On my twenty two birthday 
I was drinking wine, alone
In the middle of the night
Watching "Friends"
Not paying attention to not even a word 
Or detail.

On my twenty two birthday 
I was feeling sorry for myself
And pathetically hopeful about the day that was coming 
Wishing that everything was going to be fine 
Wishing that my twenty two age 
Was not going to be terrible
Like my twenty one was.

But... Who knows about the future?

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